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Gurukrupa Construction now owns a pool of fleets & materials essential for industrial and commercial construction. Earlier we were dependent on rental suppliers but since 2012 onwards the company has made significant investments in owning and acquiring fleets & essentials.


Formwork, or shuttering material as called most commonly, is an artificial mould created on site for a temporary period, to pour concrete for casting different structural components like slabs, columns, beams & walls. The engineering team of GC constantly updates and upgrades the formwork technology. GC has tie-ups with leading formwork manufacturers and also has invested significantly to acquire formworks sufficient enough for the construction of 1 million Sqft. 


Conventional Formwork

Aluminium Formwork

Gurukrupa owns more than 1 million sqft of conventional formwork consisting of a Cup-lock system.

  • Standard Access (Verticals)

  • Base & Head Plates

  • Ledgers & Transoms (Horizontals)

  • Universal Jacks

  • Intermediate Transoms 

Plywood and Support materials like wooden battens and pattis are procured as per site requirements.

Gurukrupa has made strategic investments since 2018 in making specialized aluminum formworks for columns and retaining walls which gives a smooth finished concrete for a past paced project. We have set for around 60 columns (roughly a GFA of around 50,000 Sqft). These formworks are long-lasting and for repetitive works.    

Plant & Machinery's 

One of the major factors for successful fast-paced industrial or commercial projects is the ability of a contractor to deploy a well-maintained and full scale and spectrum of machinery. Gurukrupa has a rich source of plant & machinery that enables us for fast-paced constructions. Below mentioned plant & machinery are owned by Gurukrupa Construction. 


In-Situ Construction Laboratory

Gurukrupa strictly follows the QMS protocols for assured quality services as per the guidance of relevant IS standards like IS 519(1956) – for concrete cube testing, IS 2386 part I, II & III – for sieve analysis, soil content & water absorption of Sand, Aggregates, IS 1077 (1992) – water absorption test for common burnt clay, IS 2185 – the strength of AAC blocks, etc. we do set up our cast in-situ laboratory with following testing equipment for assured & stringent quality control over construction materials.

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